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Classes Black Judge_

100 hundred years before 3079 a secret order of martial artist formed the sole purpose for this orders existence was the betterment of ones soul through combat with only the use of fist.Now the once secret order has surfaced as the order of black judge it’s members dedicated to justice by any means neccesary.Once the order would have taken a very select few but its doors are now open to all brave and dedicated enough to uphold their code. Judges wear only light armor as anything heavy hinders their movement limiting their combat skill. Their attitude friendly until challenge and many dislike law as they believe it slows the process of justice.

Blitzkriger_ (yeah I know it sounds stupid)

Those who chose the hidden path over the outright brutish killers. Though useful and very handy to have when reconning they are somewhat eccentric going so far a to cross-dress to accomplish missons and that’s not even the half.They are as free as birds as far as attitude a guy who has acted like your brother all your life could be one.They only wear light armor or they’d to heavy to haul ass when you need them.Also they usally use daggers but are no foreigners to martial arts.

Gunblade Beserker(yeah I’m hatin on squall)

Somewhat of a ridculed class(wonder why) but make no mistake wether you get stabbed or shot in head they’re playing no games.A couple decades ago a scientist had a little experiment where he pitted a master swordsman against a master marksmen. (no the swordsman was not killed)He thought to himself the gun is an awesome killing tool but offers such little point blank range defense but the sword could slice most things close but not far and he’s no magician.So he fused the two thus closing the gap.They can wear any armor a just about use most weapons but then you’d just be a berseker a.k.a not very effective.

Holy Knight(no you don’t have to be lawful good quit complaining)

In the year 2171 the order of holy knights was formed to to fight against the uprising gear upheaval.They were orginally disbanded after the Justice was killed by war reared its ugly head again and they reformed permanetly.They are byfar one of the oldest classes and hard to be skillful in.It most common taker would be a skilled swordsman and axeman,archer etc.They were just about all armor types depending on their favored method of combat and are pretty much the the to-be class for a mix-it-up style of play.

Main Page

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